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Lux Veritatis II - A Moment of Clarity. .

-- Definitions --
Lux 1. (italics) Latin. literally means light.
Veritatis 1. Latin. of truth...
Lux Veritatis - Light of Truth

A Moment of Clarity
By Robin the Dart -- A Magister’s Address


Current events move me to present a moment of clarity. As Magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain, I address my duty according to Clan Law as declared by Robert Cochrane. I use that authority to preserve and protect those whom I am sworn to shield from whatever harm is meted, from whatever quarter. I would in fact be failing in that duty to ignore these challenges any longer. Others have in the past valiantly stepped up; now it seems, so must I. In our lives, we are all eventually called upon to do “not what we desire, but what is necessary.” Finally therefore the time has come to speak freely, and for ourselves.

It is interesting to note that if we defend ourselves against lies, we are somehow and somewhat perversely perceived as being ‘churlish’ or ‘unreasonable’ yet the antagonist is free to continue their attacks with impunity, as no less is expected of them, This oversight facilitates the insidious influence such people have, persuading by default being the only voice heard. Surely this is wrong? Surely we may defend ourselves without tarnish to our own reputations. Why must we piously ignore them as they unconscionably persist, advancing their position unopposed? In the interests of fairness and justice, should we not also have a voice? Perhaps we are simply damned if we do and damned if we don’t, in which case, it finally behoves us to act upon this most frustrating and pressing matter. So despite a great deal of noise being heard, our voice has not. These things are long overdue and need clarification.

Our well-meaning friends and peers in the Craft advised us to maintain our silence over the past two years declining any engagement with those fake pretenders known as Carol Stuart Jones, a former member of the Clan of Tubal Cain and Blackthorn/Stoatfire/Matt Baldwin-Ives of Tubals Forge. These two people launched their attack simultaneously with their promotion of themselves as another Clan of Tubal Cain. There is of course no copyright on this name and in point of fact anyone may use this name if they so choose. Though no honourable person would of course.

However, to falsely claim that such a title or group exists legitimately as part of the actual tradition of the Clan of Tubal Cain and its lineage is entirely another matter. Do not be deceived! There is only ONE Robert Cochrane’s Clan, although several groups or cuveens having their own name and title may subsist together within it and under its ONE banner, if and where they are inducted and authorised to do so. To that end there is only One Maid and One Magister of the WHOLE Clan. [For confirmation of this please see TC 107 Feb 2003 in which EJJ makes a very public declaration of his purpose. [Click here to read Evan John Jones's interview.]

There are NO separate Clans. This is why E. J. Jones advised Ann & Dave Finnin to continue with the Roebuck. Each group or cuveen within the Clan will be headed by a maid and a magister bound in oath to The Maid and Magister. That this may not suit everyone is beside the point. It is relevant therefore, only to those who do freely choose to adopt these arcane concepts. No-one is forced to join the Clan, and no-one is forced to stay.

For Carol Stuart Jones and Matt Baldwin-Ives to then compound such nonsense about autonomous multiple clans with libellous claims concerning her own appointment by E. J. Jones is preposterous in the extreme.  After John had appointed Shani as Maid [witnessed by CSJ, and others I might add] I Robin-the-dart inducted Carol ‘Stuart’ Jones into the Clan as a member, then later as one of four officers.  So until Shani chooses to resign her position as Maid onto the next generation, it is absolutely impossible for anyone else to acquire or claim it.

There is only One Maid, as named above, Shani Oates, appointed by E. J. Jones, and presented publically as the Clan’s single successor, guardian and legitimate heir. This position is given ONCE only and received ONCE only in the duration of any Maid or Magister, when it is handed on to the next keepers of the Egregore during the Rite of the Old Covenant. In John’s own words, this sets her above all mundaneity, becoming a ‘divine’ lady of which Shani’s predecessor, the widow of Robert Cochrane represented the fifth generation in the Clan’s long history.

Carol Stuart Jones was expelled from the group in 2005. The reasons she was out cast have absolutely nothing to do with any of the vicious and libellous claims made by Ms Jones, but rather more to do with those insidious claims as examples of her own  intolerable behaviour; And so she set about her campaign of revenge. This has been amply aided and abetted by Matt Baldwin Ives and his own Tubal’s Forge, now affiliated to the entirely false and spurious title Ms Jones claims for herself. Certain people, to suit their own agendas and purpose have also become affiliated or supporters of these pretenders.

When they launched themselves onto a bewildered public, we, in our silence, were ever more subject to various questions, when in fact, it should have been to these two usurpers those questions were addressed! Where are their proofs of what they claim? And why were all her contradictory statements concerning them removed from the Crooked Path forum.?

In contra-distinction to this, we are able to back up everything we say with not only material proofs but by the testimonies of many people drawn from within and without the Clan. To date these pretenders have not and cannot.

On one of the forums these pretenders take the fact that there can only be One Clan and One Maid to ridicule, attempting to undermine its truth by inane humour. Nonetheless, it remains a fact, whether they find it palatable or not, and no amount of vicious humour changes that FACT. They have continued to trivialise the whole affair, presenting it as one that relates either to a falling out between the parties concerned, a petty disagreement of sorts , or a somewhat ironical, internal ‘power’ struggle! It is none of these things!

Each moment they assert a position never gifted to them, they dishonour our forebears with that deceit. This nonsense has been peddled for too long. We have been discreet for too long. We have a voice and we shall make it heard. These people are out and out dishonourable frauds. They have admitted as much by their recent and public declaration of affiliation and feigned legitimacy through others whose questionable authority was revoked by E. J. Jones. [ In the Cauldron, issue #90, and again published in his book The Roebuck in the Thicket, John publically announced the severance of this relationship through his ‘Floating the Candle Rite.’ Link to article Floating the Candle, posted with permission from Michael Howard, Editor/Publisher of The Cauldron]

Which then is the more dishonourable – to allow this deception to continue without comment, or to expose it?

This public notice is therefore offered for all interested parties with an eye for the Truth, through provable facts. Those who choose to deliberately ignore these facts in favour of fantasy may at least now do so with an informed choice. It becomes increasingly necessary to expose all frauds and all those who associate with or who support them.

These facts then, relate to the three groups now claiming to be of the Clan of Tubal Cain. The first group [run by the Finnins in the USA and] appointed by John in 1986 was revoked, the second, that pertaining to ourselves remains, official, legitimate and publically recognised; the third was neither appointed nor official and retains NO legitimacy whatsoever.

End of statement.

Please note all relevant documents, including those alluded to and other materials are lodged as a legal cache, recording the veracity of these Truths. Thus are we able to support any and ALL claims made here, unequivocally.



Nota Bene: The Clan of Tubal Cain is a Traditional working group. It takes the Mysteries seriously and does not endorse nor lend its name to commercial enterprises.