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through the legacy of Robert Cochrane

Beyond The Realms Of Death-- by Robin the Dart

The People of Goda, the Clan of Tubal Cain are a Luciferian, ancestor worshiping tradition and is not just a mouth full, it is difficult for people to comprehend. So it is not an easy thing to explain to outsiders this simple truism. For we also celebrate life, having a deep respect for all deserving things around us. More importantly, we believe that life is but a preparation for death. As [Evan] John [Jones] once said to me - “I thought I was learning to live, but I am really learning to die”. Blessings be upon him and all past Clan members [always in our thoughts and often with us]. This was brought to mind during our ‘Rose Beyond the Grave’ ritual, where an aspirant is chosen to travel beyond his or her own existence, to discover ‘Truth’ and the ‘Word’. For Robert Cochrane taught of the Law, John the Word, and I – ‘self-truth’ and the ‘lie’, Thus my greeting to people I like is - “May the Word protect you from the Lie”; but I digress, back to the point. A ‘perfect’ man was chosen, no lightweight, but a Master Mason, a pragmatist and empiricist, (also a JoP,) not one to be bamboozled by falsehoods or theatre.

After a substantial preparation, the rite culminates in ritual. Wrapped within the ‘Clan’ shroud adorned with specific symbols and angelic seals, his spirit finally began its journey with full ceremony. Eventually, the aspirant returned from this complex and involved rite in which success cannot be guaranteed [much depends upon the individual’s own egress], a radiant, shining, illuminated soul. When one touches just briefly true Virtue, one brings back a token of that sentience, and as the travelling continues one learns to love life and fear not death, the gateway to eternity. The energy and emotion of the ritual blessed those who witnessed it. This awakening is not just the spirit returning to its original state, it is also how it progresses through its passage on earth.

There are three states of learning:

  1. Understanding the concept of GOD
  2. The experience of GOD
  3. The awakening of GOD within. (Seeing with the eyes of GOD)

A prophet said a part of you is in this world but not of this world; the sacred breath linked to your electromagnetic field penetrates your whole body and thus the electromagnetic field of the universe. The ‘Rose Beyond the Grave’ facilitates this contact. Yet sadly, a Sufi friend has recently divulged his concern that we are in dangerous times that call for the hatching egg to re close its shell in order to protect the underground stream.

So I am not suggesting every one must try this journey. For us generations of experience have been passed on to aid us in avoiding the pit falls in these dark magicks. Preparation, meditation and affirmations such as – “this is not my body, it is the temple of GOD, this is not my heart, it is the altar of GOD” is a fine way to begin. Not all us are at liberty, from time or financial constraints to indulge in a retreat, so must satisfy our needs in other ways. We can instead visualise ourselves in the primal cave, wearing the garb of a pilgrim attuning our consciousness to that of a hermit. We must create within ourselves the Holy of Holies; the keys are the awakening in life to awaken beyond life.

Focus is on one’s inner self, for out of nothing comes something [ex nihilo]; first there was the Word. Shams said - “the man of GOD is a temple in ruin”. Our ritual allows us to touch that part that cannot die. To be the child, the fool, allows us a different perspective. It is this innocence that allows the mask to fall to peer beyond the veil, to be at one with everything, to understand the delusion of illusion. To see beyond the self wherein the heart soars like a bird. The musician tunes his instrument and so must we tune the mind to the frequency of the universe - the music of the spheres.

But there can be no rebirth without the dark night of the soul; we have to feel the pull of the future, not the push of the past. Remember, with writing came the reliance of the appearance of wisdom, instead of the reality of wisdom. The Sun symbol that our circle replicates [blazing torches all round and a central fire] is a symbol to the stars and to infinity. The circle, being endless movement, has no end or beginning, no corners; for in love and worship there can be no malice, deceit or injustice. It is all this and more.

Stones mark the perimeter of our working site reflecting sound, giving stability, permanency. Every thing has to be assimilated, and no task is too exacting when binding virtues that unlock the great door welded shut by the smith. Zen master ‘Hakuin’ [1685-1768] said: “not knowing how close truth is, one seeks it far away”. Such a pity, for the true mystic does not claim divine authority for their all too human works. Our way is that a person’s work and life should unfold from convictions derived from experience and discernment. Judge a man not by who he is or by what he says but by what he does; our way is of gnosis and spirituality and therefore cannot be easily expressed. At best it is misunderstood, only genuine contact with the Word will bring understanding.

Neither should we be pontificated to by those whose own lack of humility allows them to brazenly wear the wealth of ages, or abide within pretentious buildings and palaces. Rather, the true seeker must look beyond these superficialities to extinguish their Will as subject to True Will. For only then is the bond to material things loosened, only then too of the self to life itself, absolute renunciation, and total freedom from the fear of death. We live our lives in colourful reflection, the eyes distracted outwards seeing a myriad of splendid and beautiful things. But the gaze turned inwards engenders something else. This is why real magic is hard work. Zen saying – “show me the face you had before you were born.”

The old Craft has always been anarchic in as much as it derides the State’s ability to mass-produce the non-thinking individual automaton, who foolishly thinks itself to be free but is in reality controlled from without. As stated in T.S. Elliot’s, ‘The Hollow Men’, Mister Kurtz – “he dead-he dung don’t know it yet.” A quote I particularly like is, “better to be in hell in one's own character, than to be in heaven as someone else.”

People have become two-dimensional figures lacking the depth to survive in this automated world, mere masks with nothing behind them. The reason for the barren land in many myths is that it represents the eternal static desolation of death, unlike life in which every thing is transient. The thunderclap or lightening bolt is the awakening; the point when one becomes aware of living within two worlds. To stand at the setting and the arising, being the living among the dead, as the dead among the living, the quick not the dead. So understand the meaning of the ‘Fisher King; where his wound is my wound, his bleeding my bleeding, the cure is to be touched by the same thing, the love of the source the lover and the loved being one [for the hunter and hunted are but one]. To touch the divine, a vibratory rate so high, we as matter, tremble. To experience such an unearthly fear is beyond logic, to explain it denigrates the truth of it. Then comes the pain, the terrible withdrawal whereupon the body becomes an encumbrance.

Yet to have lineage is not to impress with age or authenticity, but simply to have a track to follow our ancestral brethren, distant travellers, guides and guardians of the keys and symbols, into the Void and beyond. For us the grail is the cauldron, black iron, base metal on the outside, fire, friction, movement, heating the liquid within, the spirit and magic of primordial life, creating steam, moisture, invisible ether, all to that beyond what we see. Simple concepts that try to elucidate the unexplainable.